Among the bustle of the show aisles at March’s DEAL show in Dubai a new venture was quietly making its industry debut.

Credo, or Creative Doing Project Management Services to give it its full title, has been born of three individuals who have over fifty years of experience in their combined fields of expertise.

InterGame caught up with managing director, Jenny Impens (pictured) who explained why she and her partners had decided to go their own way.

“We’ve been doing what we do, albeit for other company’s, for a long time.  What we have seen is that while there are many amazing designers out there, they rarely actually build the projects themselves or operate them,” she said.

“Previously I was at a fit-out company and we would get drawings packages to execute that were unbuildable or material selections that were so complex and expensive which had the knock-on effect of making the whole project unnecessarily drawn-out. Many plans don’t consider the operational angle. No proper consideration for queue lines, or prize counters or game mix was all wrong. So we’re trying to offer an experienced, considered service that is value for money.

“One of our partners has over 30 years in construction having built hotels, airports and entertainment facilities all over the world. We have the local knowledge and the right contacts so we can make it a cost efficient process for the client.

“Our other partner hails from Saudi and knows the market and culture there. He has an operational background in F&B, and owns and operates his own family entertainment facility. My history includes being part of the Center Parks resort development team and I enjoyed 12 years in design and concept development, so we feel we have all our bases covered. We won’t be supplying any plans or projects with anything overlooked. They will be considered, thought out and comprehensive while also representing value. Simple, feasible and straightforward projects make for quicker returns on investment.”

Written by Dan Snook and first posted on: