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Credo Projects your highway to leisure treasure!

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Credo Projects is your turnkey leisure provider!

We can help you to execute the project from start to finish. We will assist you with the feasibility and market studies, from concept design to detailed design, the supplier and product selection and we can supervise and project manage the project for you.

what makes us different

Vast experience in operations of hospitality projects and entertainment facilities. We use this experience to ensure that the projects we provide our services for are operationally sound and have a strong focus on the customer experience journey.

  • Operational Experience
  • Construction Experience
  • Independent
  • Direct contact with top management

our goals

We want to offer our clients a turnkey service and assist from start to finish.

our values

Within our business we focus on:

  • Valuing partnerships
  • Being creative
  • Being honest
  • Work with passion
  • Being responsible

And while we do this we make sure we have fun!


Each project should start with an in-depth study on the market, target audience and competitors within the market. We will use our international market knowledge to help you with the selection of the right concept.

With the results of the market study and our experience in project development we will guide the project into the right financial structure. We will develop an extensive feasibility study / business plan which gives a clear overview on the require investment, operational expenses and projected return on investment.

We can provide the following services:
‣ Benchmark studies
‣ Market study Reports
‣ Feasibility studies and Business Plan


One of the key elements of a successful project is an efficient master plan and design package which considers all operational, technical and mechanical aspects. Within the design and master planning phase we will ensure that the attraction, games and play areas are on the best locations, ensure high capacity, efficient operations and focus on the overall guest experience. We develop unique and creative environments which standout.

We do not only focus on new projects; we also assist our clients with renovating and upgrading their existing facilities. We offer the following design services:
‣ Master Planning
‣ Pre-Concept Design
‣ Concept Design
‣ Schematic Design
‣ Detailed Design
‣ Design Reviews
‣ Shop drawings Review


We offer graphic design and corporate branding services. We develop a unique identity for each facility which matches with the overall concept design.

We offer the following services:
‣ Name suggestion
‣ Logo
‣ Mascot
‣ Staff uniforms design
‣ Ticket Design
‣ Souvenirs and merchandise design
‣ Custom wallpapers
‣ Theming Props


Tender Management can be time consuming and overwhelming. We can assist the clients to manage the full tender procedure by developing the tender package, recommend the contractors and suppliers to join the tender, answers all questions and queries, review and compares all bids, do the price negotiation and make a final recommendation report.

Our deliverables would be:
‣ Tender documentation
‣ Recommendation of suppliers and contractors
‣ Review and analysis of bids
‣ Final Recommendation Report


Once the design and consultancy services have been completed, we can assist our clients in two different ways: Project Supervision or Fulltime Project Management. Within Project Supervision we will come on mutually agreed moments (miles stones) to the project jobsite to ensure that the project is being executed as per the defined quality standards and we make sure that the design is being followed. We can also provide fulltime Project Management, in which we will take over the project management from the client, we will manage all the contractors and suppliers and ensure that the project is being managed as per the agreed timeline and budget.

We offer the following services:
‣ Onsite Project Supervision
‣ Project Management


We can assist our clients to set-up the operations of the project. From developing the Standard Operational Procedures and Safety and Health Procedures, Staff Planning, Pre-Opening Training, Post Opening Guidance to a complete strategic operational plan. As each project is unique we will tailormade an operational support package which suits your project needs.

We can offer the following services:
‣ Development of different operational and training manuals
‣ Pre and Post Opening Training
‣ Sales and Marketing Support
‣ Staff Planning
‣ Strategic Operational Plan

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